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Christmas Day Photos: A How To

Christmas day photos are special, especially for those of us with young children.  So this is a how to post to help you be ready to capture the moment, the smiles, the surprise and the wonderment in your children’s faces!


  1.  Have your camera ready!  Sounds silly, but with everything else going on put it on your to-do list for Christmas Eve.  Have the battery charged, have the memory card in it, have the lens you want to use on it and have it where you can grab it fast!
  2.  Get Down!  Just like Photos With Santa, you want to get down on your children’s level.  The Christmas tree makes this easy, since this is where the action will be, get setup and sit down.  Be ready to work fast!
  3.   Zoom in!  Broad framed photographs are fun, they capture the whole mood, but zooming in and framing the photograph tightly can make for some really cute photographs.  It gives you the chance to focus on a single child (if you have more than one) or a single moment, without being lost in the clutter of wrapping paper.  It also helps keep your other loved ones, who may be wearing ugly PJs or their favorite old robe, out of the frame.  Trust me, that’s usually a good thing.
  4. Keep Shooting!  Pixels are free, don’t be scared to take a lot of photographs, kids make funny faces and you may not have the shot you think you took, take a few extra, it won’t hurt anything, you can delete the ones you don’t like later.
  5. Get the toy!  Get the toy in the shot, phases are fleeting although this year it is all Thomas, next year it’ll be all Lego.  You’re chronicling your family history, be sure to get the details.
  6. Have fun and be involved!  Being the camera person often means you can find yourself disconnected from the moment.  Don’t.  Make a conscious effort to be apart of the event, your participation is more important than the photographs, but if you can do both, do both and have fun!
Top! All photography and text copyrighted, Dave Lund and F8 Industries Photography