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Take Control of Your Camera

Take Control of Your Camera: Extraordinary Photography for Everyday People.

By Dave Lund


Take the photographs you really want!

Learn how to take your everyday photographs of your family and children to the next level. Read and learn how to create vacation photos that your friends will be jealous of. Taking control of your camera is easier than you think and it begins with reading this book.

Take Control of Your Camera uses easy to understand examples and terminology to take the mystery out of how to use your camera to its fullest ability. An experienced instructor, Dave Lund uses easy to understand language and photographic examples to help understand how create photographs like the pro-photographers. Learning topics cover everything from camera choice to using depth of field and composition techniques that help transform your snap shots to gorgeous photographs worthy of being proudly displayed on your wall.

Currently available on the Kindle (and Kindle reading app for other devices), soon to be released in a print edition as well!

Full of example photography with detailed explanations, you do not have to memorize the technical aspects of photography to take awesome photographs.  With Dave Lund’s teaching methods, you’ll take better photographs, even on your cellphone!

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